Red's Reset Alumni Program

An ongoing Red's Reset program designed with you in mind.

Need support? Looking for accountability? Want to learn more about nutrition? Or perhaps you want a reset to your Red's Reset? If so, the alumni program is for you.

This monthly program is designed specifically for alumni of my Red's Reset program; to help give you the added, ongoing and continued support you need. Much like the Red's Reset program, the alumni program is all about helping you reach your personal goals in a realistic and sustainable way while having a whole lot of fun. I've designed this program to provide incremental accountability, as well as ongoing education, and to give you extra tools for your nutrition tool kit so you can continue on your health journey.

And the best part? This program is all about YOU. I've designed this program based on your feedback and listening to your feedback is exactly what I will continue to do. Want more recipes? No problem! Want more webinars? Let's do it! Want information on weight loss? Digestion? Stress? Cravings? You got it!

Whether you need to refocus, recommit or continue with your Red's Reset, I'm here to be your coach, your teacher, your support system and help you in any way that I can.

- Red

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Receive a 7-day meal plan, every week, complete with a grocery list to help make cooking and meal prep a breeze!


Receive access to reoccurring member-only community calls lead by Steph where you can ask questions, troubleshoot together and support each other.


Receive access to live member-only webinars to dive deep into nutrition topics, hot topics and listen to guest speakers.


Video tutorials and handouts on various topics including weight loss, digestion, stress and much more.


Receive additional emails and messages for support and accountability, as well as tips, suggestions and reminders.


Designed to encourage community participation on topics such as mindful eating, weight loss, digestion, fitness, holidays, etc.


This may be a group program, but you are not in it alone! Steph is there to provide a personal approach, ongoing support and answer all of your questions to help you reach your goals.


Need extra support? Members will have access to book a 1-on-1 with Steph where you can discuss your personal situation and receive tailored recommendations to help you reach your goals.


Feeling good and have all of the nutrition tools that you need? Great! You can cancel your membership at any time. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel at any time?
Yup! I think the best contract is no contract. You can cancel your membership at any time.
How is this different from Red's Reset?
This is an ongoing monthly program offered to alumni who are looking for additional support and guidance.
Is the information in this program the same as Red's Reset?
Although the principles of eating real food remain the same, all of the handouts, tutorials, webinars, etc. are unique to the alumni program.
What topics will you cover?
The ones that you want! This program is 100% based on your feedback and the intention is to give you the information that you want and need to help you reach your goals.
Do we have access to you directly?
You betcha! Much like Red's Reset, you can reach out to me at ANY time and there are options for 1-on-1 calls should you need additional support.

Let's keep it real with food, together.

This program is designed to help you refocus, recommit and/or continue along your nutrition journey with a community of like-minded people to support you.

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